Ablavema - A Blender Launcher and Version Manager

Due to my love for Blender, and from pure necessity, I'm working on a launcher for Blender that manages the downloads of experimental and stable builds, notifying the user of updates whenever available. It's already available.

The .blend files are always launched through Ablavema, which checks for updates. If there are no updates, the launcher won't even open (unless you hold down Shift), instead launching the default package. All this and more is configurable. There's even a self-updater built-in.


A library for generating readable passwords from an ordered list of words extracted from text with random characters inserted at random places.

Written based on a Computerphile video: How to Choose a Password.


A command line application using the genrepass library. Great for piping into other programs, like I'm doing in my dpass shell script for managing passwords on Linux with pass.


These are all my shell scripts, which are POSIX compliant. I've had them spread across multiple repositories but decided to merge them together into one, so there are various styles of scripting, since I've gotten better at it as I wrote more. Specifically, all the scripts at the root of the repository are meant to be what I consider my "current style", with all the "best practices".